Towards a Legal and Effective Use of Psychedelic Medicines

The research into the applications of psychedelic medicines is once again exploding. We believe that through diligent and thorough compiling of current and past research, combined with our own discoveries, we will see these medicines legalized for use in therapy.

  • Data Driven – Honest, objective analysis

  • Open Minded approach – Considering all options, without bias or stigma

  • Research Led – Leaning on outside contracted research partners for the objective facts

  • Not-For-Profit – Focusing our energies and funds on results, not shareholders

Canada is poised to be a world leader in psychedelic research. Syntac Therapeutics is working hard to be a part of the progress towards effective, legal use.


Objectively analyzing all of the current and historical data

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Considering all of the facts, without the stigma society has attached to the medicines

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Embracing the Shamanic spiritual approaches as well as the current science


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Embracing the personal stories, yet testing each result with objective analysis

A Brief History of Psychedelic Research

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We are a research-driven non-profit organization focused on bringing new and innovative medicines to mental illness and addiction therapy.

 Syntac Therapeutics is partnering with a number of individuals and corporations to fund the research projects we are undertaking. If you are interested in discussing how you can get involved, please contact us today.

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